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The Ultimate Tracking Platform for
Your Crypto Journey
Primary Application Scenarios
DYOR (Do Your Own Research)
Engage in comprehensive research before investing in Altcoins.
Compliance Measures
KYT (Know Your Transaction) and Address Screening for regulatory compliance.
Stolen Funds Tracking
Track funds in case of phishing, scams, or compromised private keys. Get immediate help.
Forensics Analysis
In-depth investigation and forensic analysis capabilities.
Over 300M Address Labels
Easy Tracking for Everyone
Highlight Major Interactions Intelligently
Prioritize important interactions by using factors like address labels, compliance scores, and funding relationships. Keep it straightforward and focused.
Uncover Hidden Paths Automatically
Effortlessly explore paths to key nodes, including CEX and Mixer, revealing crucial clues and invaluable evidence to enhance your investigation with ease.
Effortlessly Cross-chain Investigation
Track funds across different blockchains with a single click. Enjoy a clear and intuitive visualization on one graph.
Real-time Monitoring and Alerts
Stay informed about address fund movements in real-time. Set customizable monitoring rules to focus on events that matter to you and receive instant alerts.
Professional-Grade Tools for Experts
Customizable Canvas
Customize everything on the canvas to suit your preferences and enhance clarity with memos and private labels for comprehensive information.
Customizable Canvas
Sharing and Collaboration
Add a custom watermark to protect your work and identify it. Share insights with others using shared links for better collaboration and productivity.
Sharing and Collaboration
Batch Import and Export
Import addresses and transactions in batches without any hassle. Smoothly export results to integrate with your existing workflow.
Batch Import and Export
Agency Edition
De-Anonymization Investigation Tool
Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange Transaction Matching
Mixer Transaction Matching
Supports Coin Mixing Services like
Compliance Score and Address Labels API
Enhance your product's compliance integration with our leading compliance scoring and address labeling API.
Address Labels API
Query from over 300M labels and entities with ease.
Compliance Score API
Get a compliance score for any address in real-time.
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Empowering Crypto
Investigation With MetaSleuth

MetaSleuth simplifies investigations for everyone, offering professional-grade tools
tailored to meet the needs of experts.