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Report of the Potential Phishing Transaction
This report is automatically generated by MetaSleuth based on blockchain data. It's for reference only.
Transaction Details
2023-09-06 17:31:35 (UTC)
Suspicious Attacker:
Phishing Type:
Suspicious Fund Transfer
Detailed Note:
In suspicious fund transfer, the victim's tokens are transferred to the attacker-controlled account. The attack is usually launched through social engineering, e.g., asking users to click a link to claim some rewards or AirDrop tokens.
In this transaction, the stETH token of the user (0x13e38) was transferred to the attacker (0x693b7). Since the attacker's account (0x693b7) was involved in several phishing scam incidents, we believe the user (0x13e38) was deceived into signing the approval transaction.
Stolen Funds Details
Details of the stolen funds are presented as follows.
Token Symbol
Token Amount
Token Contract
Estimated Value (USD)
$ 15,647,644.38
  • The estimated token value is calculated base on the token price when this report was generated.
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